Hello. My name is Mingcong Pan and I am a joint PhD student in Political Science and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Trained as a comparativist and development economist, my research interests lie in political economy, economic development, identity, ideology, and culture.

Prior to coming to the University of Wisconsin, I received an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics in 2017, a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong in 2016, and worked as a research assistant at HKU for a while.

My name is pronounced as "Ming-tsong". You can know more about me here and find my CV here.

Email: mingcong.pan@wisc.edu Office Address: 305 Taylor Hall, 427 Lorch St., Madison, WI 53706. Alternative Address: 110 North Hall, 1050 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706. Twitter: @MingcongPan
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